Languages4foodies© is the first series by Holland Linguistic Services. Inspired by a successful intensive lesson, it aims to stimulate the learning process by appealing to the five senses, with a touch of showmanship, to keep users entertained.

Each language specific website contains:

  1. An interactive dictionary, available online or as an offline functional App, with an image of the word and clear audio, to aid in comprehension.
  2. The dishes and food selected as “favorites” supply the content for a memory game to improve retention;
  3. As well as for another game to practice key phrases and sentence structures.
  4. An expert blog, meanwhile, explains the essential grammar points and differences between languages in a concise, situational, manner.
  5. Authentic recipes and insider tips offer users options as to the best places to eat, food festivals and events.
  6. Future enhancements include: pronunciation practice, immersion in the language, virtually, in the form of an animated role play game, and exposure to the different accents of the language, for the real sounds of a country.

Unlike other e-learning programs, Languages4foodies’ personalized and topical approach means: no more generic pictures of men and women, boys and girls, to tap on ten times, while slowly building on the basics. Our goal is for users to feel as if they have learned something every time they engage with the website, games and apps, providing the motivation to come back for more.